Rock The Nation (Terenzi Marc)

You know it´s dangerous That the boys are back in town Gonna Party all night long We´re gonna rock you up and down No matter what they think What lies they try to say We´re still gonna rock your town From a hundret miles away The fires in my venes there´s a burning in my Soul Take a look into my eyes let yourself go Push it into second gear I´ll take you to overdrive And when we come Tonight No ones getting out alive Rock the Nation Come on everybody if you wanna ride Rock the Nation No ones gonna tell us how to party Tonight Rock the Nation bang your Heads till you feel alive Live free or die There´s no way to push me down No way to tame a wild beast You can try to bring the cold There´s always heat between the sheets And if you walk this way No one can tell you how to be You can ask the old blind man And he will teach you how to see I will never leave this life thinking I went wrong And though they try to push me away I know where I belong Tell ém that you´re here to stay And that you never lost a fight And when come to town No ones getting out alive I never Really cared what they wanted me to be I never really saw just what they wanted me to see They never really listened to me And everything I told them Ignorance is not the solution to the problem tellin´me that everything I did was wrong Trying to cinvince me That this is not where I belong Feeding me this empty bullshit all along Rock´n´Roll is life when everything is gone