Land Of Hope And Glory (Condemned 84)

They came from across the sea, many years ago in A.D. You can read all the legends from times gone by How invaders were kept out with the same warcry They tried to lay one of their roads To pave their way to their new homes But maybe they could've built Rome in a day They couldn't take this land of ours away This is our land of hope and glory This is our land, you can't take it away from us This is our land of hope and glory And we will never let it go History always seems to repeat itself The aggressor trying to take another country's wealth The poor fight hard to save their land But the grains taken away and put in another's hands They take from the poor the old and the weak And watch the wealthy run to hide in their keep Never gave away nothing never gave nothing back But never did this country's backbone ever crack We'll fight in the future like our fathers in the past We'll carry the battle to the invaders and make difficult their task They're raping and plundering the villages on the shore Burning homelands, stealing from the poor The people are beaten, the prisoners are slaves Worked to their deaths, filling empty graves