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Nutter (Condemned 84)

All pissed up, about to go on And then a stranger strolls into the bar Oh no, he's turned up again And he's dressed up like we was a mars bar No one knows him, no one likes him What are we gonna do? One of the lads takes exception And decides that it's him he's gonna do He's a nutter! He's a nutjob - has he got any brains? (3x) Will we ever see him again? I bet you all remember about that time When Carrot met Nutter on the bus Back in '85, the nutter came alive He found us on a ferry to Holland Picked on the hippies and they ran away But we all stayed and stood The nutter with his bullworker build With his creeps he thought he looked good Next time we saw him we didn't recognize him But we came across him due to thirst A few beers, back to the gig Appearing out of the blue Telling us his name was monster Swinging rice flails, he thought he was big But in his mind he was just a big kid