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Pride And The Pain (Condemned 84)

If you can keep a pride in yourself There's a chance they'll pick on you One too many beers, mouthed right off That comes naturally to you You think you're among friends but they all fucked off They've seen whats been coming your way They won't tell you they've seen the light They won't help you on the way For you're pride you'll take the pain You'll make a stand won't play their game (x 2) All the backstabbers you can do without You don't need them to fuck with you Got all your own ideas and beliefs The media will try to discourage you Don't mess with the best you say to them You won't listen to all their lies Stand up for what you think is right Then you'll be the one that they despise All the time kicked around in their games Just another one with fucked up brains We'll carry on they won't stop us no way We won't play the games they want us to play