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Turn Da Music Up (Beats 'R' Us Mix) (2 Brothers on the 4th Floor)

Get up of your bud and start to dance Come on do your stuff don't hazetate You will find the answer you will have the key Change your own direction control your destiny Turn da music up, Turn it up turn it up ah yeah Turn da music up You can turn it up yeah This is the one you been waiting for, The Baron MC hitting once more With a comback dope lyrics on the hype track, When you don't playe back of the wax. Bass for your face, And the hyhats make's it super bad. On the floor we got the party going On and on and on to the break of dawm Over and over again, We'll be the ones to make you dance Bust the move go crazy to this This is the one you just can't miss Feel the bassline heavy pumping Watch the party jumping. But for now you just can't stop Yo DJ, turn da music up. 2 Brother kicking it once again, Here it is bang another dope jam. I turn da music up and get busy, Before you know it you get played like a grizzly. We walk in and house the joint, I'm your man to prove the point Were all in this, together So lets work and make this world better. Mind your own, do your own be your own, Yo, fact is show. Respect yourself like you do others The way it had to be work my brother. Find the time, lock your mind Just enjoy and listen to the good rhyme, But for now you just dont stop Yo DJ turn the music up. Da Baron MC on the smooth tip Yo, drop your beer get hip We got the groove to make you move Were hype and i like it smooth. Play this groove everywhere Loud like you just don't care Well this hard jam will make your mama proud 5000 Gee, we out...