Change (Anthony Stewart Head)

Change... If there ever was a moment in your life When you turned to take a look at yourself A long hard cold stare at the person you are It doesn't matter what brought you here, To this point in time It could have been your lover or your teacher Or maybe just a good friend But now is the moment, now is your chance, Now is the beginning of a new dance It's all too easy to say, "I am who I am" To allow yourself to shrug your shoulders and say, "Accept me, I accept Myself". Change... Embrace it! Don't just turn and face the strain. Every threshold is surrounded by fear As you step over it, it becomes resolution Find the blocks that prevent you from achieving your goals The personal patterns that you repeat again and again. Break the pattern, the karma Crack it open! And... Change. It's scary as hell, but let go of the rope Let go of behaviour that you think holds you up. Because it ties you down, it only holds you back It's time to fly without the aid of a net Parachutes are gone, that stopped you from falling Scared of the freefall - the chaos is calling. And the changes don't finish, just because you started Allow yourself the lessons, There's room for the heartache Acknowledge the breakthroughs, But know there's always more. Don't stop yourself from being all you can be To measure up to all he's expected to achieve A man must do more than he is capable of, Man is what he believes.