Last Time (Anthony Stewart Head)

It's just like the last time The part where I try to deny That she's already said goodbye Time and time again I find that I'm Lying quiet by her side Wondering what she's got to hide This time I guess I'm just a pastime Something to keep her occupied Til she decides to let it slide And we both know she'll come back on the fly And I'll pretend she's justified And she'll pretend I've got my pride But I don't understand why every time I get ripped all up inside Then I ... give it one more try So let this be the last time Let this well of mine run dry So I don't have to watch me cry This time when she goes I'll be resigned Let me shut the door behind her Let me put her from my mind Let my spirits grow unkind Let her be the one to find That I ... give it one more try Try it one more time This will be the last time The last time The last time