This Town In The Rain (Anthony Stewart Head)

Nothing's as sobering or quite frankly, depressing As looking out on LA in the rain. The colors of the houses, the pinks and pale blues Against the slab gray sky is all wrong -It's just wrong. And the palm trees, with their dead leaves Have a hangdog expression like someone took their fun away. The tired, tarmacadam strips just watching idiots Slip and slide as their tires lose their grip on the road Didn't anybody tell them you can't drive the same - drive insane in the Rain? In this town, This town in the rain. The sidewalks are soused as the guttering, so used to drought, Spews the water out in loud gushing spouts. Like Hurricane Harbour... without the fun And parking lots are like boating lakes as pockets and puddles seem to Spring out of the ground There's nowhere it can run to, with no concept of run-off Hunted and haunted it lies there in great gulps. No drains, no gain. This town, This town in the rain.