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Age Of Innocence (Savage Grace)

Convictions fixed in one's mind, fanatics Trained for self sacrifice The doctrine of those without hope, deceived In their vision to sanctify the world The voice of the just shall be heard, Distorted, misshapen and bastardized Unleashed to those as a fear, sent forth As a message for nations all to hear Behind the guise looms a twisted mind Bent on annihilation, violence, breeds, violence Winds of war, blinded eyes, sacrifice, The age of innocence Terror strikes sky and seas by surprise, The age of innocence dies Captives taken by swords, induced by the faith Of the blind, the wrath of their anger so cruel Pray to the claim of the just and right A tactic to seize and to hold, sentenced To age of command Demands of those that are capt, delivered Unto us, a new media event So many cry from their graves Innocence taken by the blade Slay them all, young and old, hostage cries The age of innocence dies