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Bound To Be Free (Savage Grace)

Fists full of anger, rise into the night The crack of the whip fills the day Under the heel of oppressive boots of steel The pain and the sweat turn to hate Poised for the start of retribution's kiss, The links of their chains snap and fall Armed with weapons from the arsenal of right, They'll bow no more For deeds of the masters, The heat of the slave anger explodes Wielding the might of the vengeful they strike, They'll take the world Bound to be free, the shackles of fear can't Deny me, bound to be free The cost of freedom, high in blood and tears, A price paid again and again Onward to victory, they cry from within No quarter given They battle long and hard into the night, Stealing the life from their prey The light of destiny shines to guide the way, They must take Shackled and bound by deception to serve and obey Struck down to their knees By the men of the merciless faith Burned by the hot irons touch so deep in their soul Cursed to a life and decay without hope Screams escape from the mouths of battered heads, The dept leave their keepers for dead Running rampant, setting all ablaze, no defense Praise to the risen, new masters of their fate, Fight on with malicious intent And as the victors claim their liberty, Rebellion spreads