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Fight For Your Life (Savage Grace)

Run like the wind as you feel me close in Hear my laughter as I grow near You'll pay the price of your crimes with your life As I unleash my vengeance on you For I am the slayer of every betrayer Whose victims beg for my lance And you'll beg and plead as I just let you bleed Ask no mercy for I've none to spare Bow as I pass or be felled by my lance If my shadow falls upon you Feel my caress of metal through your breast I'll be damned if I fall on to you FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE, FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE Who has the right to defeat royal might I've no fear I'll slay them all Bring on the hordes of wicked warlords Send their souls screaming to hell Become an ally in my war to defy Draw your sword, join the fight Now is your chance to destroy their advance To live free or die like a man FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE, FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE