Sons Of Iniquity (Savage Grace)

Dark of the night, advancing armies Dogs of war that surround me Curse them all and lead them into hell Bittersweet, the thrill of battle, ringing ears The clash of metal, raise the banner high Into the sky Battle cries, blood stained armor Slaughtered hordes, fearless martyrs Scream out as they meet a bitter end Die at my hands, vengeful with hate Die for thy sins, bestowed unto fate Sons of iniquity Sons of iniquity Metal maces show no mercy, savage graces Swift with fury, crush the skulls that meet A fatal blow Swords of steel, slicing leather Axes grind, surging legions Fight for glory, vie for victory Shields gleam, piercing lances, iron stings Strikes and shatters, force destruction, The battlefield is mine Light of day, brigs new promise Heavens shine down upon us Life's struggle is past and far away Corpses lie, rotting bodies Stench of death that engulfs me War smiles with pain and misery