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Trial By Fire (Savage Grace)

Disciples of Belial met we In a silent covey at the dead of night Chant: Trial by fire The initiation of blood with the covenant of death Bind the soul to a compact with hell Chant: Trial by fire Know not thou of wicked deeds, lascivious Behaviours and wanton greed Confess thy sins, purge thy soul, verdict is Given, cry no more, but bear the sentence of a Trial by fire The sentence shall be trial by fire Voices raised in a hymn of praise, to the glory Of abjuration of thy faith Chant: Trial by fire Eat the flesh of the child's breast and cast Thy spells with malicious intent Chant: Trial by fire Burn witch burn, burn bitch burn Burn witch burn, burn bitch burn Sentenced to be tried by fire Sentenced to die by fire Trial by fire Trial by fire Trial by fire