We Came, We Saw, We Conquered (Savage Grace)

We are the knights shining in armor Satisfying desire A hole in the soul of millions unknown Void of the feelings we' ve never known As we look to the stage into heaven We gaze and our world of pain fades away But the powers that fear our crusade bring To bear all the might that their lies can buy And we came, we saw, we conquered And our call to arms rings on And we came, we saw, we conquered And the fire from cities ablaze won't die away Power and the glory rits of the holy mesmerize The masses Seduced by it all awaiting the call we feel The essence embrace our soul In the guys that we take there can be no mistake We are more than a great escape None should fear what they know Nor believe what they' ve told Let the light of your truth take hold We came to know just we can do when We let go of our fear Chant: Have no fear, have no fear We' ve let our rights be taken away We believed in their lies Chant: Give no more, give no more But we won't let lies stand in our way And we won' t be bound to any law that fear Makes us obey