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Bird In A Cage (The Walls)

I was 13 when we packed up in the city and moved out west to a town in the country everybody thought that we were so lucky but I wasn’t all that sure can you ever really take the city from the boy well the first thing I missed was all the noise it was so damn quiet I found it hard to sleep at night in country town if you’re gonna be a blow-in you have to be tough and gain respect there’s no point in running to the priest or running back home I never let anybody see me cry that only happened once in bed at night I missed my friends and I wondered what they were doing out of the dark, into the light we go bird in a cage, what are you waiting for out of the dark, into the light we go bird in a cage, somebody let it go we ran a little shoe shop down on the main street business was bad so we diversified we sold fishing rods, knitting wool and ex-army gear. one day my dad got in a mighty rage when I was left in charge, I always gave wrong change so instead I was given the job of fitting the shoes I’d say it took us just about two years till we were settled in and had nothing to fear we were right on the edge the world with the setting sun my brothers and sisters what would we have done without each other we couldn’t have won we made good friends and I still keep in touch today