Thanks For The Photographs (The Walls)

thanks for the photographs they made me laugh and they made me cry remember when the days melted into one you lost your job and got another one nobody was serious for very long that was some holiday four young studs with all the love in the world when they kicked us out and closed up the bars we lay on the beach and just watched the stars you could just about hear a far-off guitar the days are long the nights too short can we get together and make it last till it’s gone we wake beneath a lemon sky two of us together like devils in disguise I still remember her skin brown from the sun and it shone in the dark of the room we were in she was from the German city of Cologne we exchanged letters for a month or so then i forgot about her till a moment ago do you get to choose your life? you think about it when things don’t turn out right how come the trains never stop around here people smile back but it’s just a veneer it’s only a disguise for a bittter sneer