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Fair-Weather Fans (Radke Ronnie)

If I was granted one wish It would be for you to see me For who I really am Because these looks can be deceiving And I swear to god If you really listen closely By the time this song is over You will truly know me. 'Cause I am not a monster I am just a man And I'm getting sick and fuckin' tired of these fans That expect me to be some perfect version Of a fuckin' person And it's hurtful I feel worthless I just wanna feel I'm worth it And it's hard But I'm learning to be honest And discerning And I'm gaining all my courage to be better I am searching (Damn) But it's so damn hard To keep it calm when Everything I've known Is broken and scarred And I'm not trying to complain About my problems at all Because my problems are the reason I have gotten this far So I am thankful for adversity And makin' me strong I'm just trying to explain how I feel in a song It goes [Hook:] Oh I really can't believe that I'm here right now I'm hanging on an airplane Falling through the airwaves In the clouds Oh I never ever want to touch the ground I'm walkin' on a tight rope Searching for the right note Play that sound [Verse 2:] Let's take it back to '92 when I was eight My brother gave me a tape by mistake Dr. Dre It was December 15th to the date (Let me ride) The Chronic on my birthday must have been fate Now let's flash forward To the first time in '99 When I heard Shady on the radio and to my surprise That this is really happenin' A white boy is rappin' From the bottom to the top That motherfucker made it happen So I grabbed a pen and pad And started writin' down madness Later joined a band and wrote my songs around my sadness Formulated all my tragic moments into magic Now I'm sellin' tickets to my shows and have 'em packed in. You best believe it 'Cause I'm telling the truth I bought a motherfuckin' caddy and a house with a view Don't need to prove that I'm amazin' and I'm keepin' it true So before you try and hate me, try to walk in my shoes It goes [Hook] [Verse 3:] And after all that I've been through I can say I've made it Through the fuckin' bullshit to the other side safely I can truly say that I can feel myself changing Into a better person don't give a fuck if you can hate me Never gon' let you fuckin' take me down That path I'm used to taking And I know that in my heart of hearts the problems that I'm facing Is in half the battle that I'm fighting energy I'm wasting I'm so sick of these fuckin' bitches always changing what I'm saying Into something that it's not Man this shit has got to stop Shit I'll wear the clothes I want And I'll cut my hair all off And I'll do it just to prove That I'm a motherfucking boss And my music keeps me movin' And I will not slow or pause I'd like to think that I'm a-okay And all my worries are so foolish and will fade away One day (one day) I'd like to think that I faced my fate (my fate) And my legacy lives on, You'll remember my name And it goes [Hook 2x]