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A Desperate S.O.S. (The Dollyrots)

Mass extinctions, Global warning We need DNA profiling Anti-Government militia Ecoli from baby kissing Seatbelts, Seatbelts Strangle me when I don't listen Satellites are listening An asteroid is gonna hit The corporations steal your money We all know that Bush is phony Secrets, Secrets I'll stay inside if it's code yellow Another, Another And I can't back down I can't back down again Another, Another With my back to the wall Yeah this is the call Reaching to crawl out Reaching to crawl out S.O.S. They wanna hear this So fuck this Spinning alley, big big brother Families broken, struggling mothers Terror plotting, Greenhouse gassing Always looking for another Defect, Defect In my genes will make me get sick Icecaps melting, children killing Mass destruction, atom bombing Homelessness rising, mad cow slaying Think they stole my eyes for cloning Star wars, star wars They hunt us down with pinpoint lasers Who are you afraid of? Are you afraid of? Who are you afraid of? You! I'm afraid of! Satellites are listening An asteroid is gonna hit Our president is full of shit Our president is full of shit Star wars, star wars Making us call out, Making us call out S.O.S.