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New College (The Dollyrots)

Katherines in her own world shes an E head with blue hair And streaking through the party showing off her underwear Yeah Keeps dancing, no quitting Chewing on the candy necklace soaked because shes sweating Silence is a dealer-sort of hippie with a bag Thats filled and overflowing with his special brand of shwag Yeah Hes way to, deep in it Always getting asked so he can never ever finish And though you tell me that Im the one I know you shouldnt be taking me home, alone Because Im gonna Get you, get you, get you, get you what you need Get you, get you, get you, get you so tell me Youll be my Sid again And Ill be Nancy Spungen what oh Josh sits on the bench and smoking seven packs a day Hes just an alcoholic but hes got a lot to say and Keeps filling and turning Blue so in the morning he cant eat because hes hurling Julia spent all her money powdering her nose Shes not letting go Shes stripping, at Pleasures For her upper habits that her tiny scale will measure