Give It Up (Turn It Loose) (Tyrone Davis)

You better turn it loose You better turn it loose I went downtown the other day And I heard a woman say I do all I can for that man At home, he still won't stay I could tell the way That woman spoke Her heart was truly broke She said, if a man Can't treat his woman right Give her good loving day and night He sure oughta Give it up, turn it loose (Turn it up loose) Give it up, turn it loose (Turn it up loose) You need your man To be satisfied But he tells you no With no reason why You will finally find out for yourself There ain't no love between The two of you left When you try as hard as you can To do what you think is right And still, you get that Same old cold shoulder Ooh, that same old shoulder Late at night, late at night Here's what you do When you've done all you can do Thank you for using GIve it up When you see it just ain't no use Turn it loose Way lay at night When you're laying down And you need some hugging And no one's around You'll walk around all day long With love on your mind You're thinking about the love That you just get sometime When you have someone Sitting there by your side And ain't no company at all All you need is a little loving touch And when you don't get it It hurts you so much Give it up, give it up Give it up, baby, turn it loose