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I Wish It Was Me (Tyrone Davis)

I see you every day When you walk by this way You go into the house next door Stay an hour or so Oh, I don't know Who you're going to see But I wish it was me you loved Who is sharing some of your time Oh, love Who could call you mine, all mine Oh, love I said I wish it was you loved Oh, I saw him today For the very first time And when you put your arms around him Ooh, baby, I almost went out of my mind Cause with him, you seem so happy Ooh, how I wished it was me Who was making you laugh that way Oh, love Who was hearing those Sweet words you had to say Oh, love When I saw you kiss him Ooh, it made me feel so sad My heart cried out in my pain, love Oh, baby, because it hurt me so bad But all I could do was stand there And wish, wish it was me, love I said I wish it was me you loved All I could was stand there and cry And wish it was me you loved I said I wish it was me you loved