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Glitter Puke (The Key of Awesome)

KE$HA: Wake up in the morning looking greener than $hrek $leeping in a tub can really me$$ up your neck Before I leave, I $top and vomit up tequila and glitter It $eem$ I'm $pending every morning with my head in the $hitter Got vomit up in my hair (hair) But I'm way too $ick to care (care) Now I'm falling down the $tairs I-I-I pull my$elf off the floor (floor) And I'm almo$t out the door (door) But my family'$ waiting for me Oh crap, not again it'$ an inervention It'$ cool, I'm fine, I can $top it any time DAD: That'$ a lie, you won't try Now you've made your mother cry Look! MOM: (Crying) Oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh, oh KE$HA: I'm out of here, thi$ is queer I'll ju$t drink a couple beer$ MOM: Don't leave, we love you even hired Dr. Drew DR. DREW: Thi$ pattern needs to end KE$HA: I think I have to puke again Oh, oh, oh,uggh (*barf*) $o I decide to $tay, but my head I$ $till reeling Then they go down the line talkin' 'bout their feeling$ BROTHER: It make$ me $ad when I $ee you bru$h your teeth with jack also you borrowed my gold bike and never gave it back DAD: $top $howing off your but (but) You're making young girls act like $lut$ ($lut$) And you're $tarting to get a beer gut, beer gut DR. DREW: Thi$ behavior I$ a dead end And P-Diddy I$ not your friend You'll end up like Lind$ay Lohan L-L-L-L-Lohan KE$HA: Thi$ I$ wack I feel trapped DR. DREW: We want the old Ke$ha back KE$HA: $crew you Dr. Drew and your $tupid camera crew MOM: Hey you don't have to $hout We're ju$t trying to help you out MOM, DAD, BROTHER: (Crying) Oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh, oh KE$HA: Ok, it'$ time you know Thi$ I$ just a video I don't drink or pee in $ink$ It'$ what I want my fan$ to think It'$ all an act, and in fact It'$ even in my contract MOM, DAD, BROTHER: Oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, we didn't know Oh KE$HA: Ha ha ha ha Oh... god...