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Turn Back O Man (Schwartz Stephen)

Turn back, O man Forswear thy foolish ways Old now is earth And none may count her days Yet thou, her child Whose head is crowned with flames Still will not hear Thine inner God proclaims Turn back, O man (is your seat comfortable sir?) (mm, I like that) Turn back, O man (is my seat comfortable sir?) (Handle with care) Turn back, O man (can you take it?) Forswear thy foolish ways (See ya later I'm going to the front of the thee-ay-ter) (Hold me while I slip into something more comfortable) Earth might be fair And all men glad and wise Age after age their tragic empires rise Built while they dream And in that dreaming weep Would man but wake From out his haunted sleep Turn back, O man... Turn back, O man... (hard as a rock) Turn back, O man... Forswear thy foolish ways Earth shall be fair And all her people one Not till that hour Shall God's whole will be done Now, even now Once more from earth to sky Peals forth in joy Man's old undaunted cry Earth shall be fair And all her people one C'mere Jesus, I got something to show ya! (chorus repeat first verse) Forswear thy foolish ways