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A Phenomenons Rage - The Burden (Fairytale Abuse)

Deep in the night beyond the stars and the moons Last the darkest stars in where the evil looms A globe engulfed in white by many meters snow Therein lies the doom that lies dormant deep below A phenomenon's rage – the burden A shivering quake that shake the surface of this globe Magma cracks the earth in bursts of misanthrope Shingle falls from these vast pinnacles of fate The core of this world implodes at the malice here awake The sky as clear and clean as the waters of a pond Planet earth unaware of the end so close to come The eagles flying high in the first hours of the sun The time never told what was to be undone Burdens stir the reddish sky and specters weep In tears for festering despondency Rain and blood decant in a concoction of Cruelty from the fallen heavens A creepy wind from a gulf beneath the soil A scream in fear from where last humans boil The sky and earth in mutual descent Dead angels walk our world to see the last extent The beast that sleeps, before the fire gale The burden