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By The Vampire Still (Fairytale Abuse)

Hold me tight tonight Kiss me with your bleeding lips Entangle me in your web of eternity I want to be free, imposed to life endlessly Goddess suck my mortality A deep dark still on the surface of nothing Black when the water turned to blood I feel your cold hands in my hands breathe in the cold Our destiny is sealed - forever we rule You my eternal love of lust and life We shall enter darkness now I drink the water from the still divine Black when the water turned to blood By the vampire still They sat by the still in utter darkness Only surrounded by entangled oak trees She pressed her white teeth into his innocent skin Seconds after he hungered for the human blood "Oh Lord! What has happened to me? Oh Lord! It feels so good! Am I a monster or a dream? I feel like killing!" "Your flesh is blessed by the hands of hell Black as the water turns to blood I know it is life endlessly Black as the water turns to blood Oh Lord!"