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Fall Of The Icon (Fairytale Abuse)

With a grasp that stun the earth in a thundering silence You fall from your voracious throne White embrace for the modern world defiance Now in trepidation and terrifying… alone Soul of the humans, a grieving red eye Reincarnation – you will not see another life As mesmerizing symphony of tears at your grave Grief not for you but for those you have enslaved Prophets of the netherworld Heed your vocation Beasts that pass beyond time Through the seventh dimension Weeping in repentance Bleeding by the arches of pain Falling in repentance Falling from the throne of horizons At the 11th moon rise at call by the wolves A deep red bliss twist in the mangling woods Here at the dormant blood stained oasis Resurrection A war that gash the earth for decades in time A bloody field A rage that shatter the souls of the dead Fall of the icon