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Our Glorious Revivification (Fairytale Abuse)

Your words a weight that strained the burden of time You passed away in my cacophonous cries You were all that i loved in life You with your blood red smile My fear is back as a craven lord I beg you to have remorse To this day i regret my laws Die by my demons It was a night that was more like a day The moon was blond, dented in grey I took your soul when you slept No anger, you never wept Took your innocent heart Took it into the soulless dark Where angels feed of the sins of time Never again for you the sun shall shine Now rise you shall again Mistress of the deadening Show your face to the world at hand Die by my demons Demons of my mind progenies of time Hybrid of the underworld Spread out your wings my darkest of angels Though flesh you were No blood shall rove your veins Embodiments of sins, though decades of time Lose your way from the prison of life For the powers of heaven will be shaken Father, father, come bless your new born child Father, father, emperor of the nightfall He came at dawn where the mysteries dwell He came with a force found in the deepest pit in hell Embraced his new creation with a cordial relief Father, judge of my belief For ministry of malice My band of destroying angels Free your souls through the seventh commandment Paradigms of primal human fear will see the day Transition in time we find the light that shows our pain By society's bleakest rules, we spread our blood again There will be a day, where no tide is still, no pride is kept This will be the day of our glorious revivification