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Powers And Signs Of Lying Wonders (Fairytale Abuse)

A glance at coronation in cover by the blood Mist engulf the night as indication of our doom An audacious move from the serpent of our doom Behold for what you see, it will never see the day Even the chosen ones shall perish in their graves As the two-faced prophets make the human race believe By words and sway they make the people slaves Of the under-god that leads the big deceive A dance with temptations, a fight with your conviction The eerie thoughts in your mind can find no sleep As you read the signs, for you had no benediction You tamper with the malice that lies in your deep The under-god Powers and signs The under-god Thou shall reign To see the batteries of war To hear the scattering screams afar To smell the stench flesh apart To drink the blood of a dying heart "For there shall arise false christ, and false prophets And shall show great signs and wonders Insomuch that, if it were possible They shall deceive the every effect”