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Troparion For The White Plague (Fairytale Abuse)

Sun rise, a smell in the wind speaks the death of another soul Rainfall, a bacterial barrage of perplexing dimensions A night in the hours of darkness Before rimes and hymns were branded A witch respelling the tome of the damned One was told she had no eyes, nor for soul Altherion summon the damned summon the damned Son of the plague of the rotting dead Murderer, devious malady Fallen ones, dance on your graves Taint by fever The lust and flesh of humanity Troparion for the white plague Silence, only squeals and shiver from the vermin in the water Sickness spreading trough the gutters Flesh from a raven Spleen from an embryo in a bloody both Skin of a horse With garlic and vampire guts Altherion, son of the damned, son of the damned Summon the plague of the rotting dead A kiss from to the prince of the dead By mourning and suffering, people shall die The year of the plague sets in Fallen ones, dance with me