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Nearsighted (Holmes Rupert)

If you take these glasses from my face Think that you would find I'm undeniably, certifiably just a shade of blind I don't envy those of you With 20/20 vision Who've seen the world for all its worth With crystal clear precision There's more to see than can be seen or said than what is heard The day is brighter, softer, lighter When it's slighted blurred Nearsighted, it's another lovely day Nearsighted, so I stumble on my way I don't just a friend or lover By a first or second look Nor a book just by its cover No, I can't even see the book Nearsighted, loving life is such a breeze Nearsighted, cause I see just what I please And it pleases me to see you I won't change my point of view Nearsighted, Nearsighted Nearsighted, all I need to see is you. Though I'm slightly out of focus I can see my dreams come true Clear sighted, I'm nearsighted Nearsighted, all I need to see is you, you.