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Jerk (Sita)

Since you've been gone I feel so much better Cause I saw how mean you could be I used to want some explanation Now all I want is my Patsy Cline CD How I've waited for today When I could finally say [Chorus] You jerk You jerk You are such a jerk There are other words But they just don't work Sometimes I wish I'd mailed you that letter That said the things I dare not say Instead I set the thing on fire I had to say this out loud anyway I'm so glad I found the nerve To say what you deserve [Chorus] They try to be so cool Insult you like a fool Never take your call when you're nobody at all Until you're somebody And then they want to be your friend How comes jerks don't know they're jerks (I don't know) So next time someone makes you feel little Just sing this song inside you head And like a great big cartoon bubble These lovely words will dance above their head How I've waited for today When I could finally say [Chorus]