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Twisted (Sita)

You got a nerve showing up here You turn around and call me crazy Standing my ground - shedding no tears Hate to tell ya but I'm not your baby Cant believe I waited this long Your not the one who's gonna save me Your sweet lips wont do the job This is it and I don't mean maybe Now that I found out what's been going on Is you not me whose really got it wrong [Chorus] Twisted You took my mind and Twisted, you took my heart and Twisted How could I have missed the way you treated me Things ain't what they ought to be Twisted, took each thought and twisted It's your screw that's loose, your neck's in the noose Better stand up don't sit down What I'm sayings gonna rock you senseless Heard what you been putting around Hate to tell you but I ain't defenseless You had you cake now spit it out I'm taking back all that good love I gave Don't you try to talk it out With every word you dig a deeper grave Now that I found out what been going on It you not me whose really got it wrong [Chorus] Same it's all the same, there something here that Needs my attention Change now that I've changed I'll turn it upside down and find a new dimension [Chorus: x2]