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Patricia In Pain (Paralysed Age)

Patricia is alone she prepares herself for bed Although she knows that she wont sleep this night Patricia is so alone the boy she loved is gone He left her wordlessly she cant believe in his suicide She tries to close her eyes tries to move her lips To say a little prayer but shes nearly paralysed Patricia is so alone she feels the dew on her skin And all she wants is to get close to him She is alone she calls his name She is alone its all the same She is alone she cries again Cries for salvation Patricia in pain Shes alone she cries his name Again again and again Shes alone she cries in vain Its all the same again again Patricia in pain Patricia is alone she wants to sleep But suddenly a ringing noise frightens her up So shes answering the phone someone groans On the line she hears his voice He calls her name again and again