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What An Idiot He Is (MacIsaac Ashley)

Well he walks with a swagger and he talks with a sneer Everything about him tells you don't come near He doesn't bother looking to the left or to the right He knows where he's goin' and he keeps it in sight He can never figure out why he's so uptight What an idiot he is He's always gotta make a big impression on you Gotta show you what he has and tell you what he can do And all the while he's gonna try to cut you down to size Try to hide the simple truth with his elaborate lies One thing he'll never do is look you in the eye What an idiot he is He hasn't bothered thinking since he was a kid He'll tell you he already knew what he had to know by then Anyone who disagrees with him should be in prison All he wants is what is his, even if it isn't You can talk until you're blue but you can never make him listen What an idiot he is He thinks his only problem is he ain't got more Wants to get so rich he can buy the whole damn store Well I guess he knows the value of a hard earned buck If you try to bum some money, you'll have no luck But he'll spend a couple hundred dollars for a decal on his truck No problem The only thing he cares about is what it's gonna cost And the only shame he knows is that the home team lost (you see the game?) He's got an EZ-Boy recliner and a colour TV A Colt .45 hidden underneath the seat He can hardly wait to shoot somebody in the knee What an idiot he is He doesn't even know what an idiot he is He says: "What's an idy idy?" Lord have pity! His favourite food is Wonderbread and Cheez-Whiz, gimmie! He's one percent attention and ninety-nine show He's always got an answer even if he doesn't know Tell him what it's at, he'll tell you where to go What an idiot he is. Well I see him everywhere I go and he gives me a pain When I see him in the movies he rattles cellophane He's always got a dumb expression on his face Makes me feel sorry for the human race 'Cause I've got a funny feeling that he's runnin' the place...