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Enemy Of The State (Roadrunner United)

We dominate but feel the pain from bullets my carnales take Out of state soldiers join us to form a conglomerate It's out of hate oppressed revolt from feeling that they gotta take All the weight so we go to war to find another way Intercept opposite forces entering our sick vicinity It's killing me how wars that make no sense last an infinity It's silly shit how a city gets mentally unfit But really it gets worse when buildings set the scene for murders script I know you heard of this crisis and what the price is High stress amplifies the need for all your vices But steer clear cause we're here in fear they're Taking over everything and so we fight the war years Fierce weapons speak for each side through open forum skies Some die when bullets pierce the skin exploding inside We provide a dream for our team look past the war scene Dethrone the king gain control reign supreme Aim high for your street regime Look for unseen enemies hiding in the smoke screen The town I live in got daily death so we're numb to feeling Blood spilling got my whole block concealing If cops come frisking we're felony risking Catch 22 system either way you fall victim The stage is set up the script is written so we get wet up Now think about who dies when we let the lead out We're killing family tragically The enemy dividing those fighting against it weakening our infantry We caught on to your big plan Separate us into street gangs Infiltrate the sets put some battles in effect To distract from your dirty outfit, yeah We rock the block that you got locked Caught in a battle with crooked-ass cops Heat we feel on crazy Gang infested LA streets We see the red concrete stains And street platoons feel pain Real soon times will change And you will see the truth that we claim Aim your sickness this way In sick games we reign insane There's only one way to explain And now you lay to die with broke frames Enemies of the state take center stage And watch the rules we violate Now we recall and fall For all sins of life and break the law There's many us dangerous Plenty of you want war we fight any We walk the paths all lost And bring LA P.D holocaust Anybody gets rocked the truth First your ass gets rocked and then shot We see through the plot City street teams get broke down and then got Rot in ditches dug To get filled up with government bitches We see the police And train to kill the brain of the all terrain beast Work done by street families Make us and the state enemies