Sammy Song (Jumpsteady)

Samanthy What? Whatchu doin? I'm doin, um, playin with my friend Samantha Oh, what are you doin - Samantha? Samantha S. Oh ok, what are you guys doin? We're playin with sidewalk chalk Oh really? Mmhmm Alotta people been talkin about you, Samantha What they say? They said they like your family song a lot, they like your rap on there. Any ya know what else they been sayin? What? They say they want to hear more of you. Me? You think you could bust a rap real quick? Yup! Ok that sounds good Yo Samantha I heard that they like your flow And when you're rappin on stage, you steal the show Why dontcha bust it one time with your funky rhyme And show 'em that your rap skills truly shine I'm a young boniqua bustin a rhyme I'm like Mary Kate and Ashley, I'm one of a kind If you say "Who the heck is that?" I say "Who the heck are you?" I want to be wishin you could do what I do I'm bilingual, I hope you can understand my flow "De quero mucho de mund bueso" Or if you're an alien from around the way, "Zada zee zada zoo zada zay" And to all the nice people here on Earth You're diamonds to me 'cause that's what you're worth And to all the mean people across the land Talk to the hand 'cause you just don't understand Yo Samantha I heard that they like your flow And that you're crazy live from your head to toe Why don't ya bust it two times with your funky rhyme And tell em all how you like to spend your time I like to play with Barbie and Polly Pocket I watch the adventures of Ash and Team Rocket Bike rides and rollerblades and that's what I do Because I have more energy than Pikachu But most of all I like to chill with those I love I love my family more than the stars above More than a million trips to the sun and back More than a million galaxies and that's a fact And my animals you see are my friends to me That's Shitzu, Stinky, Fisher, and Lollie And together we love the world far and wide 'Cause anything's possible if it's in your mind Alright Samantha, you came correct But it's gettin late and it's time to jet Alright daddy, I know it's time to go But I want to say "Peace!" to all the juggalos! And to let 'em know that when life gets tough Just think about candy and all the good stuff But to keep your true friends as close as you can They're more important than all the candy in the land