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Oration of Indifference (Elegeion)

If peace exists, We fight within minds times that are placid Compliment times when we cry Such is the path That you follow, but deny Benevolence, the evil Where what's natural is defied Beware the malefactor Who appears before your eyes One who portrays an image Is the one whose truths are lies If peace exists We will fight within our minds Placid times we cherish For we know one day we'll cry For we know one day we'll die… The undertow of misery It grabbed my heels and pulled me under I could not swim, I could not see, The heavens wept with rain and thunder All the pain I keep inside You know it doesn't mean a thing All the years of Silent Cries If this is life, I'd rather die Getting near to shed my tears For my life, those wasted years But if a chance to start again I'd change it all, everything This earth… That I cried for… I care no more… Wasted time I've spent… Now I'm indifferent I see the white path before my eyes I follow it and hear no lies The objective essence is all I see For there's no pain in apathy Oh, I feel The secrets in life have been revealed Oh, now I see To know the truth is to be free.