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Catholic High School (Girls in Trouble) (Leeway)

Being alone,can't stand the heat Of being in a catholic high school All fucking week Hearing all the bullshit from the people I meet Finding all of it stupid and beat Roaming the halls treat them like freaks Succumb to isolation better off in the streets Degrading my music putting down on my friends You know you're gonna get it in the end Burnt out youth follow good news of the Lord Bend for rockstars and never get bored Goind to concerts they can't afford Problems in their future they ignore. Cute little skirts, double knit tied Gonna hate and rot the rest of their lives Parents try to bring you emotions And feed you lies; When will you realize Leeway rocks! Stick-up sticky beat PHD The fork tongue religious case nagging me Know nothing fascist nuns don't scare me Catholic high school ain't the place to be