An Abandoned Grave Bathes Softly In The Falling Moonlight (Horde)

a soft glowing sphere rises within the darkened sky clouds move and shift around a glorious moon hanging far above the earth below beams fall from the huge night light in the sky far below the cemetrey gates gently creak as a cold breeze tickles the oak tree's leaves they dance and sway to the blowing wind an eerie fog descends upon the cemetery thick enough to catch the moon beams the graves are aglow with soft light the full moon growing brighter with time the breeze is no more the air is still a blankey of think fog is horizon bound an abandoned grave is bathing ever so softly in the fallen glowing full moon light the grave abandoned in the wake of rapture no longer the abode of a corpse but a cavity in the earth's crust the former occupant now far beyond the clouds to bid farewell to the moon the stars the past now but a faded memory soon to vanish the life beyond the flesh is yet to be discovered