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Dreamland (Hathaway Lalah)

Time to put your toys away Keep them safe another day I'll help you put your P.J's on The light of day will soon be gone Put your crayons in the box Brush your teeth & curly locks In Dreamland... In Dreams, we can do anything (We an do anything) I can dance and you can sing (I can dance, you can sing) We can have a big parade Make Candy coated (lemon aid) Fly high in the circus tents (High) I'll vote for you for president And my favorite thing to do... Is to spend the day with you (Spend the Day, Spend the Day) In Dreamland... Wake up early Go to school Try to follow all the rules (Be Good) Lunchtime means you're halfway through See what Mommy made for you {Soon It will be Saturday} And we can watch cartoons all day... But for now We're safely in (For now...) Time for Dreamland once again (Hummm) In Dreamland... (Hummm) (Ooo-oo-oo-oo-oo-ooo) In Dreamland...