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Hearts Of Ice (Missing Heart)

Now - that our love is dead - and gone All that I can get Are illusions That never lead out of confusion Now that our hearts are cold - and hard I am feeling low Cos I lost my passion Reaching the edge of obsession Baby out in the dark - hearts of ice A word can break them They're torn forever by lies And no-one to take them Lonely and cold - hearts of ice Cos love was rambling Angels of fear throw the dice And fate does the gambling Now - I have felt your warmth - pass by Cos my loving arms couldn't hold you I'm lost in the dreams I once told you Baby why - did the devil win tonight Don't you know my love That your dreams were cheating Deep in my soul I am bleeding Now - ahahaha - hearts of ice Ahahaha - hearts of ice Ahahaha - hearts of ice Ahahaha - hearts of ice Hearts of ice