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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Charlene (Missing Heart)

Charlene - please take care little sister of mine Better stay off the drugs and the wine Don't get lost in that dangerous scene My sister Charlene Stay out Charlene Just beware of the dark side of town That's where passion and sex tear you down Where the people are greedy and mean You'd better stay out Charlene Charlene Charlene I saw you last night In your fancy outfit Eying the men in the dark streets They touched your gorgeous body With their greedy eyes You've gotta believe You're far too young and beautiful Follow your heart but don't go too far You've after for sensations That will take you some place else Beyond the frontiers of normality But the evil is waiting out there So please take care of yourself Don't give away everything you own Cos no-one will give you back The innocence that you've lost