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Vigilante (Argy Bargy)

There's unrest in the city There's violence in the air A country fit for heroes Is now one full of despair Shootings, rapes and muggings I see a drugs war looming ahead No law and order, just total disorder Old people filled with dread Showdown must be coming Ain't gonna take this shit no more Joe public's got to arm himself To settle the bloody score Retaliation, extermination The law is in your hands Can't take no more, it's gone to far Time we made a stand Vigilante Uproar in the papers Outlaw in the news Another lawless faction Attacking whoever they choose The Government wallows in apathy While there's violence in the street The innocent are sent running While the police stare straight at defeat Vigilante Clockwork Orange fiction Is now stark reality Old ladies at their husbands graves Get mugged for 20p What kind of world are we living in When kids beat a boy of two Get out on the streets, fight the scum The future's up to you Vigilante