It Ain't Over (Young Dro)

Extreme-aai This system x2 (hey...) Street my x2 Classic x3 Right about now x2 Come on, all tha ladies, Get on tha dance floor And just get you're ass on Come on come on and just [Chorus x2] Fuck tha fat lady, lean over to tha trap lady sane Fish, scaleboy, nineteen eighty kane Eighty chevey frame, ride 4 and everythang Diamonds in my chain, shining on tha lane [Verse 1] (i want you to check this out, hey) My car fusha, everything's super Lights camera action, no time for bloopers Fishscale shawty, I'm tha blue coop mover Definitely lot of losers, snatching bro'd n used up Show her how to blow on my glass, eighty cash Eighty pecks of decks, and tha classical eighty jazz Eighty bags of money, eighty macks from royne A.K.A. they turning beef to eighty packs of bologne They waited on me, telling when its my time to cool it Blue chevey sit tall, like a colorado moose do My cookies drown like moons too, my regal look like prune juice Why should I be bishop, I'm drizzled, I got my own juice Own crew, own 26s on my own coop Own crib, own bricks, plus I own a couple chicks Know how to put bitches on they own, let her suck a dick Hey one when one look biggin, they gotta be licking pussy Money push it, bitch we got a avalanch block With mo cocain then they can pull off of tha dock Cut em off, viro ain't bitches ain't a thang In tha chair with tha brains gettin brains, diamonds on my chain [Chorus x2] [Verse 2]