The Bruise Vaccine (Vendetta Red)

Let's pretend we're in the movies and kiss me with the tongue And I'll become carcinogen and blacken up your lungs. Impatient amputees are longing for a hand to hold It's so hard to get the lead out when your hearts been made of gold Who am I to say we shouldn't reconsider suicide when we're so desperate for someone else to mourn? You're the fracture in my frame, and sometimes I wish that I was never born. We disemboweled our enemies and left them for the birds We suffocate in silence building fortresses with words You'll prey upon the weak and fester underneath their skin. I'll pray for sunny days to suck the poison from my pen. Stand up and be accounted for make your presence known before you lose your voice amidst this choir of liars. So acrimonious in your inebriated arrogance I'll fill your hollow abdomen with cinders, ash and coal