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Hit Em Wit Da Heat (Flipmode Squad)

[rampage] Yeah, lieutenant what! Yeah, motherfucka It's flipmode Yeah yeah, spliff, check it out, uh [rampage] Ramp, I've been I'll since back in the days Rockin' shell-toed addidas with rags for my waves Flipmode be the unit now I'm playin' for the braves I'm hardcore nigga that's straight from the gutter I used to play scully plus, hot peas and butta Now I'm the nigga that's runnin' in your baby motha Burgundy ac, you can call me ramp lova And now I'm toppin' pokey with my louisville slugger [baby sham] My squad is sick niggas who pop shit get pistol whipped Get your wig pushed back, I react and snap Like kodak, these cats get the picture Put on level black suede timbs and come and get ya My target is your feature We all sport hoods like grim reapers We shine in the dark blink of an eye the last spark Get closed up, first thug nigga hold up 21st side see me rounding it up Chorus: busta rhymes See when we come through we got nuf shit to flaunt Got u feelin' it and your cousin even your aunt Violate, we coming like ghost we gonna haunt Hit you with the heat is that what you really want? What you really want is that what you really want? We hit you with the heat is that what you really want? What you really want is that what you really want? We hit you with the heat is that what you really want? [spliff star] Y'all niggas wanna test my squad, I doubt it doubt it All that murder talk, gun talk, you talk, I'm 'bout it 'bout it Nigga feel my vibe niggas see my vision P-y-p nigga play your position I fuck up this game and make the ref' blow the whistle My squad be the official, clique in this rap shit Diss me on the record and watch, you get your ass kicked Catch me on church ave, flickin blunt ashes [rah digga] Crazy, thinkin I can't rock buttas Wont take shit without no type floders Hectic, rah on the I'll dialect shit Deliveries harder then girls in obstectrics Ready to stay on Smoother then rayon Takin' out niggas and all they liaisons Mu'fuckas, black out season Publishing resume steady increasing Chorus [lord have mercy] Shanghai, shanghai New sheriff in town Rock america's crown and hang 'em high Who bangin' a fist full? Brandishing pistols Pearl handles with the, family initials Uh-uh, 24 karat gold variuos slow Uh-uh, planet gets cold, get damaged for dough Uh-uh!, savages off balance and blow traveling slow Uh-uh!, in effect mode, y'all niggas know it [busta rhymes] Sayonara, send my rivals, slam a guy, Be damned if i Had to tell one, tell a lie, get paralyzed Stay payed, rock shit made in ultra suede Switch blade yo wack act back to first grade Even if y'all never seen us you know y'all need us Suck my penis from here to muthafucking venus Think back when you was amazed and had to sit back Imagining me ending your world like deep impact Blood clot, watch me come through and bust a gunshot Yeah people, come inside of your dance and done that Chorus 2x [busta rhymes] Fuckin' y'all up Flipmode forever Stays focused Pay attention Pay attention...*fades to phone interlude*