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Back To Home (Cigar)

Once again you've made your point But it never really makes a difference The only problem is that it's Lying on the floor So you want to pick it up It's always been in your court Just like they've always said On the floor it will remain Push your luck o hold your cards up high A sense of time, but no sense of danger If only possible to bluff your own way out In the line of days been saved To show and use as compensation No day lives stronger than the day I held my own They told me to watch where I would stand On thin ice or shaky ground and I would fall right in It's taken time to rummage through Events that paved the way All this time I'm keeping track Of ones to keep and ones to throw away My willingness to live carefree and unobtrusive Has been trampled by the strain so many know. And the tragic thing is being what's around you Ignoring all the signs that let it go Tired, I'm very tired Can you see me rounding back to home Wired, I'm very wired Can you see me rounding back to home