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Function or Perish (Parasite Inc.)

We are forced by rules and worth Transformed to spineless whores Blinded from consume and media Outwardness and greed A nightmare, nicely wrapped in gold Stuffed in our heads And are we just accept In our human density Bread and games modern I call it enslavement,.. A mental enslavement and you call it life We crawl, lick asses all the day We steal and we betray We work and creep for more succsess Panting for wastely richness Envious... Envious of the one, who's got the biggest car Who's got the biggest gun And of course the biggest one We rush behind all trends There is no time to spend! We would buy a heap of shit if some trend demands it At expense of all others we suck up through this life That is how we learned to be, that is all... all we can see Run... run for your life In a world cold and insane - totally insane Carve out your life in a world where only the Bastards survive Choke on your lies In a world so insensate - damn insensate Accept the truth - cause it is just like it is: Function or perish We have to function or perish We're slaves of their world And to stay alive We sold our souls