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Chaos Inside (Parasite Inc.)

Darkness... silence - it's so sombre here... No matter where or who i am Captived... condemned... to live in this shell In my own personal hell Retreated... occlusive - what has brought me there And, can i return? Anguish... confusedness - am i daft in the head? Am i here or am i dead? i dead? Slightly it drives me insane... it makes me feeling so lame Darkness... silence - creeping through my soul Why am i like what i am? Captived and condemned to live in this place Of blankness, hate and pungent ache Forgotten... despised - shut out of this life Wihtout a future anymore Chaos... panic - the apathy inside Has merged and grown to endless fear I rot down in madness No cure's there to expect No future to defeate Without the past - i can't forget It slowly drives me insane and every day it's the same It strangles all my feelings... Of pleasure, teariness and shame And i hold you to me tight Turn your days into night There is no place you can hide Already lost is this fight I lacerate your mind Paint your world black and white One day i'll blow off your light I'm your chaos inside