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In the Dark (Parasite Inc.)

"Never... never again", I thought and i forgot: That you're a part of me 'til the day i'm gonna rot I hate... i hate you but i need you to survive Cause in… in this times you make me feel alive Again you make me crawling Why don't you end it now? This endless nights are hurting And the agony is on to break me down Give me a dream of reasons - inside I live apart With you beside me... once again I am the last one in the dark So you... you stay with me and the days are going on I tried and i refused but I know that you have won How can i bear it? How shall i spin? This life seems so much better with the fog you drown me in Hold... kiss... kill... me And in the end i'm falling Finally it ends now This endless nights are over In this life where you have always caught me down You gave me dreams of reasons Inside i lived apart With you beside me... Finally i am last one in the dark the dark